Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DLF Builders

Real estate market is hitting the scores high in recent times. The market has finally shrugged off the recession sediment and is moving to make it big. The real estate manufacturers are also paving the way for new projects that would bring in additional returns. The real estate investment is not a bad idea if you have a company that would make people’s dream come true. Gifting dream homes and some of the greatest commercial projects to India is the DLF Builders. Not to say, this is a real estate giant that has gained roots in expansion of the infrastructure in the major cities in India. You can say, DLF has been ruling the construction industry for the past 62-years and with several achievements in the bag.

The real estate company has started adding feathers to its crown since its inception in 1946 and since then there is no looking back. The company recruits some of the best engineers, architects, and mechanics from all over the country. The DLF Buildings spread throughout Northern India largely has introduced modern homes, the DLF Malls, DLF commercial estates, DLF Cinemax, and DLF Universal. The company has been instrumental in changing the lifestyle of the urban population who were much aware of all-inclusive state-of-the-art architecture.

It is truly hard to deny the contributions in urban developments that DLF added with its projects that are being updated constantly. The name is now particularly synonymous with the establishments of posh residential complexes, plazas, office buildings, Green Homes, and shopping malls. Today, it has an array of DLF projects that are among the premium properties in India.

Dlf Builders scaled the heights with various other projects that went well with the Multinational companies, executive –class of people, and also the NRI crowd. Some of the new projects of DLF Builders under the luxury homes section are mushrooming in the various cosmo cities in the country. They largely include the-

 Sama Tara in Shimla, one of the exotic places in India.

 The Aralias, with this project the focus of DLF again shifts to the tech-hub Gurgaon that holds the maximum prospects of real estate development in the residential sector in the Delhi NCR.

 The Mangnolias, also based in Gurgaon sectors.

DLF Universal has been very noteworthy in making golf a part of the corporate culture with the DLF Golf and Country Cub in Gurgaon. Another remarkable achievement in the cap of the builders is the DLF Golf Resort, which has successfully drawn corporate to unwind and spend time in the wonderful lush green lawns and enticing flora and fauna settings in the tech-city of Gurgaon.

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